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Associated Courses


BCHM 824 Topics in Biophysical Chemistry, the course coordinator is M. Nesheim in Biochemistry

BCHM 875 Bioinformatics, the course coordinator is J. Glasgow in computing

Civil Engineering

CIVIL 888 Theory of Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport , B Keuper (F06)

The course is heavy on derivation of p.d.e.s suitable for modeling groundwater flow and contaminant transport in the subsurface. Although we don't do any modelling in the course, it is a typical 'must' course for our groundwater modelling students because of the theoretical background that the course provides.


CISC 839 Machine Learning in Bioinformatics, H. Shatkay

CISC 873 Data Mining, D. Skillicorn

CISC 879 Unconventional Computing, S. Akl

CISC 839 Machine Learning in Bioinformatics, H. Shatkay

CISC 870 Combinatorial Optimization, D. Rappaport


GPHY 855 Spatial analysis in GIS this Fall.

GPHY 849 Remote Sensing may also be good for CSE students.


Econ 855 Introduction to Mathematical Economics, Wang

Econ 853 Applied Econometrics, Allen

Econ 860/861 Empirical Microeconomics, Kano

Econ 873 / Mgmt 873 Financial Derivatives, Suo

Econ 882A Research Problems and Methodology, Warman

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ELEC 873 Cluster Computing (A. Afsahi) not offered 2006-2007

ELEC 871 Shared-Memory Multiprocessor Systems (N. Manjikian) Winter 2007


NSCI 803 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Pat Stroman)


PHYS 312/PHYS 826 Mathematical Methods in Physics F05

PHYS 352/PHYS 852 Measurement, Instrumentation and Experimental Design W07

PHYS 414/PHYS 823 Introduction to General Relativity F06

PHYS 422/PHYS 822 Fluid Mechanics W07

PHYS 426/PHYS 824 Quantum Mechanics II W07

PHYS 433/PHYS 813 Galactic Astronomy W07

PHYS 434/PHYS 814 Extragalactic Astronomy W06

PHYS 435/PHYS 815 Stellar Structure and Evolution W07

PHYS 480/PHYS 880 Solid State Physics F06

PHYS 487/PHYS 857 Surface Engineering and Analysis F06

PHYS 490/PHYS 891 Nuclear and Particle Physics W07

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