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Research keeps Queen's at the forefront of breakthroughs in virtually every discipline; from Human and Health to Physical and Applied Science. It's also a beacon that consistently attracts exceptionally talented students here from around the globe. The result: an upward spiral of learning that benefits us all.

The program is available to masters students associated with participating departments. Completion of requirements entitles you to a special degree notation on your transcripts.

The Program

In the Collaborative Graduate Program in Computational Science and Engineering, you must:

  • Complete the coursework, thesis and other requirements of the "home" program in which you enrol;

  • Pass the "Fundamentals of Computational Science" graduate course;

  • Pass the "High Performance Computing and Its Applications" graduate course;

  • Participate in the Computational Science Colloquium;

  • Undertake a thesis or project or essay that applies or contributes to the computational approach in your home discipline.

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