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About The Program

The Computational Science and Engineering program is an exciting, fulfilling option for students looking to get even more out of an existing degree.

You want to get the most out of your graduate education. You keep pace with the latest technological innovations. You aim to have an edge on the competition when you start your career. Most of all, you're not afraid of a challenge. Sound familiar? Then the Queen's Collaborative Graduate Specialization in Computational Science and Engineering has what you're looking for.

Advance Yourself

Designed to enhance the value of your master's degree, this new three-course specialization teaches you the latest methods for applying the power of high-performance computing to scientific problems in your area of study. From advanced numerical analysis, mathematical modelling and simulation, and parallel programming, these methods support and enhance more traditional approaches based on theory and experimentation.

The tools of computational science allow researchers to tackle complex questions that might otherwise be overwhelming or out of reach. Every day more and more academic disciplines are finding ways to capitalize on the speed and efficiency of computation, so we welcome students not only from engineering, physical science and life science, but also from business, social science and the humanities.

As the central site of one of North America's best high-performance computing facilities, Queen's is ideally equipped to offer this program. The High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory, a consortium of five Ontario universities, offers students a world-class environment for computational science research and education.

Collaborate With The Best

This is a unique opportunity to get the best of both worlds: the rewards of in-depth study in your chosen discipline and the excitement of learning new, highly relevant computational skills. We created the course-based specialization for talented, dedicated students capable of maintaining intense focus in their specialty while applying newly acquired computational science knowledge directly to their individual research. It's a chance to expand your academic horizons by regularly stepping beyond the borders of your home department, without disrupting your course of study.

The program is inherently collaborative, bringing together some of the university's top teachers and researchers from diverse scientific disciplines; often the only thing they have in common is their dedication to discovering new and better computational techniques. As a student in the program, you'll be exposed to the wide-ranging expertise of this multidisciplinary team of faculty. Even your classmates will be from a variety of academic backgrounds. Being a member of this eclectic scholarly community will fuel your intellectual curiosity and enrich your academic experience.

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