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A common learning experience for students specializing in more than a dozen disciplines that can benefit from high-performance methods of computational science.

High-performance computing skills are becoming a prerequisite for success in an increasing number of careers within academe and industry. Students who accept the challenge of the Queen's Collaborative Graduate Program in Computational Science and Engineering tackle complex research questions in their fields using leading-edge computing algorithms and architectures.

Leading The Next Wave

Queen's is one of the first universities in Canada to launch a university-wide specialization in computational science and engineering, giving graduates a head start in fields such as drug discovery, behavioural science, genomics, mathematical economics, digital imaging and nanotechnology, just to name a few. Computational science is already facilitating major advances in many disciplines and is poised to make significant contributions to society as a whole.

The Queen's Collaborative Graduate Program in Computational Science and Engineering connects today's databases, algorithms, simulations and information systems with tomorrow's scientific breakthroughs. It's an exciting, fulfilling option for students looking to get even more out of an existing degree.

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