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High-performance computing skills are becoming a prerequisite for success in an increasing number of careers within academe and industry. Students who accept the challenge of the Queen's Collaborative Graduate Program in Computational Science and Engineering tackle complex research questions in their fields using leading-edge computing algorithms and architectures.


I just wanted to express my appreciation for the Queen's Computational Science and Engineering (QCSE) colloquium series. Having attended a half-dozen seminars over the course of the year, it seems to me that the strength of this colloquium series lies not only in the high-quality of the presentations, but also in the diversity of the topics covered. Although many presentations had little direct relevance to my current research, they did however help me gain a broader understanding of computational sciences while maintaining an intellectually rigorous approach to this interdisciplinary field. In a somewhat pigeon-holed scientific world, this refreshing colloquium series is very much appreciated.
You can count on my presence for next years seminar series.


Jean-Pierre Hickey
PhD student
RMC - Mechanical Engineering

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